About Us

Chichester Jazz School has been created to meet the needs of local people looking for an opportunity to learn more about jazz and improvisation. Once a month during term time we run day workshops on jazz and improvisation. These workshops help beginner jazz musicians to become more confident improvisers, whilst helping intermediate/advanced musicians take their playing to the next level. We are all about inclusion at Chichester Jazz School and ensure that the workshops are suitable for all needs.

Rob Westwood, associate lecturer at the University of Chichester, will be running the workshops with an emphasis on learning through playing. For us, this is an important part of jazz – play first, theory later. Using a variety of well-known jazz standards, Rob will teach you how to interpret the melody, chords, and bass lines to create confidant improvisations. As a jazz pianist, Rob is very familiar with harmony and will teach you how to utilise the chord changes using your ear. During the later stages of the workshop, Rob will support your learning with jazz theory so you are able to apply what has been learned to your individual practice.




Andrew Blee holds a 1st class degree (with honours) in Music with Jazz, and an Mmus in Music Performance. He will be working alongside Rob to provide you the best experience possible while attending these day workshops. Andrew has a wealth of experiencing in teaching and running workshops of this kind. Empathetic and passionate Andrew will work with the beginners helping them to connect the dots!

Andrew regularly gigs and teaches saxophone professionally. He will be on hand to help understand how to improvise effectively and answer any questions you have relating to the saxophone!